A perfect option for busy owner’s looking for a turn-key solution.

Bringing the Architect, Engineers and Construction Manager into a team environment, Sirius's Design/Build services provide an integrated approach that’s focused on the specific needs of your project. At Sirius, our 40-years of experience in construction managent forms a strong foundation for our Design/Build services. Working with local design firms, we draw upon our experience to create a Design/Build team customized to meet the needs of your project. Sirius provides a senior Project Manager to lead the project team from inception to completion, and as the Design/Build team leader, assumes single point responsibility for the design and building of the project.

Sirius's Design/Build services eliminates the owner’s responsibility for coordinating activities between the designer and the builder—as our Design/Build contract covers architecture, engineering and construction services. This turn-key solution covers all aspects of design and construction management and offers a unique platform to save’s busy owners the hassle of hands-on involvement, while maintaining quality and cost controls throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of your project.