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Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital
February 26, 2018
Florence Building Lobby Remodel
February 3, 2017
Project Details:

Arlee School District bid a project to build a new Elementary School and new Multi-Purpose Gymnasium/Cafeteria. The bids came in at just over $7M. This District’s budget was $5M. Sirius entered a Design/Build contract with the School District in which the school paid for D/B services but was not obligated to proceed with construction unless the project was brought into budget and fulfilled the needs of the District. Sirius successfully led the design team, subcontractors and suppliers over the next 4 months to reducing costs by over $2M, and proceeded to complete the construction of the two buildings, fulfilling all bond requirements and District Design Requirements. Arlee Schools is just one example of what we do every day.


Arlee Public Schools


Jay Kirby & Associates


May 13, 2017

Delivery System:

│General Contractor, Design Build