We understands what it takes to run a successful project in this demanding environment.

Retail projects require a high degree of professionalism with regards to scheduling, site safety and environmental controls. Many of these projects involve working in busy environments, with shoppers coming and going while construction activities are underway. Having the ability to work with accelerated schedules is a necessity, and maintaining safe, pollution free construction zones that protects public access during business hours is essential. Timing and speed of operations are always critical issues for our retail clients, and Sirius has a proven track record of meeting our client's business objectives while maintaining scheduling benchmarks and cost controls. Our operational systems, experienced management team and ongoing safety programs are central to our success in this area.

Our experience in the retail construction industry includes a wide range of public-use facilities.

• Shopping Mall Improvements
• New Retail Tennant Improvements
• Retail Remodeling – Façade and Interior Upgrades to Existing Stores
• Retail Site Improvements – Parking, Sidewalks and Landscaping

Sirius's most recent retail construction projects include the complete facade and parking lot upgrades of the Holiday Village strip mall and the façade upgrade of the Eastgate Mall in Missoula. All of this work is taking place while we’re maintaining full public access during normal business hours.